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Data and Analytics symposium in Frankfurt

Mario Brlić Article Comments

The Crossing Data Technologies team attended the two-day Gartner Data and Analytics symposium in Frankfurt, held between 19 -20 November. There were some excellent data strategy presentations from senior Gartner analysts covering a wide range of data strategy, data governance and customer experience (CX) topics. It was clear from the presentations that firms across all industries have made significant progress and investment in their journeys to become data centric. The gap between the target state and the Gartner vision still …


JupiterOne collects over 200 million messages on US election – Trump leading in online presence

Tina Dolic Article Comments

There are many factors which impact voter’s points of view and one of the most important is the group of influencers which exists in every community. Influencer is the person who has a very strong oppinion and is not afraid to share it or even convince other people to plead for the same thing. Other people are being influenced by them and consolidate their position or sometimes even change ther oppinion. That part of the society is the part which …

Crossing Technologies @ Singapore Cyber Week

Crossing Technologies Article Comments

Amazing time, new knowledge and interesting lectures! That is the best description for our experience in Singapore. We want to thank the hosts and the founders of the Cyber Week! Also, we would like to give a big virtual applaud to all of the lecturers who expanded our knowledge with interesting examples of their hard work. Watch this video to see what you have missed!  


GovWare 2016

Crossing Technologies Article Comments

  Crossing Technologies has been invited to a networking reception called GovWare hosted by the British High Commissioner to Singapore, His Excellency Mr Scott Wightman.  The reception was held in convention and exhibition centre in Singapore, 10-12 October.  GovernmentWare (GovWare) is the region’s premier conference and showcase for Cyber Security. Also, it is the foundation event for the inaugural Singapore International Cyber Week.  Visitors and other interested parties were provided with the following description: „Featuring multiple tracks on the latest …


We are coming to Cloud Expo Asia!

Crossing Technologies Article Comments

We are proud to announce that we are attending the award-winning Cloud Expo Asia! It is bringing together the world leaders in cloud solutions with the largest relevant senior IT audience in Asia Pacific. All those who attend can source from more than 300 leading cloud providers and solution leaders showcasing their innovative, cutting edge products and services, spread over 15,000 square meters. We will be able to engage in unique networking opportunities with thousands of our peers, industry visionaries …


Inovation Park Partnership

Crossing Technologies Article Comments

Crossing Technologies Ltd. partners with many companies in different industries around the world. We have developed a modern Big Data Analytics called JupiterOne using data architecture on Hadoop unstructured database and machine learning capabale for trend, sentiment and predictive analytics. One of the companies that we associate with is Inovation Park. It is a company driven by the idea of finding great technologies and bright new ideas in one place. They find the ideas: „.. exclusive. Unique. Needed in real life, …


Student Practice

Crossing Technologies Article Comments

Crossing Technologies has signed an agreement with the Faculty of Economics in Split on Friday, 22nd of April, 2016. The agreement enables students from the faculty to perform a practice of one month duration in the company. The contract was signed with a mutual pleasure for the company and the Faculty of Economics, for it will provide a month of new knowledge and experience for the students who apply for the practice. The duration of the practice is 22 days …


JupiterOne – All about data

Zivko Krstic Article Comments

Teaching computer to understand human language has been a challenging task for most researchers. Understanding what’s written, how it’s written, emotions and opinion has always been difficult. But, we’re also learning in this process, mostly how to „communicate“ with computers and make this process more easy for them. In recent year we can see the rise of old ideas whose success is result of advances in technology. Big data technology and deep learning are trendy words nowadays with reason. With …