Student Practice

Crossing Technologies Article Comments

Crossing Technologies has signed an agreement with the Faculty of Economics in Split on Friday, 22nd of April, 2016. The agreement enables students from the faculty to perform a practice of one month duration in the company. The contract was signed with a mutual pleasure for the company and the Faculty of Economics, for it will provide a month of new knowledge and experience for the students who apply for the practice.

The duration of the practice is 22 days or 176 working hours and students can apply for it on their faculty.
Crossing Technologies seeks for two students. One with already gained knowledge or with a large interest in data science and another with the same attributes in digital marketing.
Students will both be provided with a skilled mentor who will guide them through the experience of working in a company and in a field of their experties. The mentor also evaluates the student at the end of the practice and the grade will be added to the faculty′s review.

Any student that applies for this practice can expect a learning experience that will surely be helpful in their future career.

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