Data application

Together with Big Data analytics, Data integration and Data management, Data application is in our scope of work. Our key software in this part is Aptitude Software.

Aptitude Software’s vision is to enable enterprise CFOs and finance teams to efficiently deploy software systems to streamline complex processes and gain a competitive edge. The company brings together a portfolio of winning finance (CFO office) software products and a powerful software development platform to help business leaders quickly implement the systems on which their businesses and their success relies.

With this focus, Aptitude Software was made a strategic operating company of Microgen plc company in 2014, five years after achieving profitability as a division. Their combination of finance domain expertise and technology leadership makes them unique. Their proven ability is to help leading enterprises to rapidly address new requirements that makes them compelling to CFOs and finance teams across industries. Aptitude platform empowers enterprises to deploy big data processing technologies to drive their businesses forward. The Aptitude platform has long been used by enterprise teams to efficiently build business-critical software systems and to drive their businesses forward.

Their customers operate in many different industries and include:

  • One of the world’s biggest credit card providers uses the Aptitude platform to streamline the control and subledger processing of hundreds of millions of daily transactions, integrating data silos, providing consistent enriched accounting into a new system that provides more powerful customer profitability analysis.
  • A leading digital media company deployed the Aptitude platform to build a royalty calculation engine that reconciles the numerous revenue streams flowing from millions of digital sales to ensure record companies, artists and other intermediaries’ royalties are properly accounted for and paid promptly.
  • A prominent Northern European bank uses the Aptitude platform to integrate data from across divisions (mortgages, retail banking, loans, etc), perform detailed calculations and forecasts to rapidly deliver rich reporting to a broad range of stakeholders.