GovWare 2016

Crossing Technologies Article Comments


Crossing Technologies has been invited to a networking reception called GovWare hosted by the British High Commissioner to Singapore, His Excellency Mr Scott Wightman.  The reception was held in convention and exhibition centre in Singapore, 10-12 October

GovernmentWare (GovWare) is the region’s premier conference and showcase for Cyber Security. Also, it is the foundation event for the inaugural Singapore International Cyber Week. 

Visitors and other interested parties were provided with the following description: „Featuring multiple tracks on the latest trends in technology, organisational implementation and user perspectives, GovWare regularly attracts the best practitioners to meet, network and discuss the things that truly matter in Cyber Security. With a speaker faculty of over 100 Government officials, thought leaders, visionaries, technology experts and industry professionals, the conference serves as a leading platform for practical, focused, and unbiased knowledge of the highest level.“


Apart from the usual program, the conference and the speakers, visitors were able to attend an exhibition and networking. This year the main goal of the conference was to discuss IT and Cyber, Cloud and Enterprise security.

All other information concerning the event, may be found on the official website