Informatica data integration

You’ve learned from bitter experience that if you’re not managing your data, the data will overpower your business. But you wouldn’t write your own database or code an enterprise ERP system in your IT shop. Likewise, you shouldn’t hand-code your data integration projects. You need a proven, automated, and agile data integration solution that lets you combine or migrate data swiftly, painlessly, and cost effectively—one that gives you:

  • Universal access: Can you get to the data, whether it’s in a legacy database, the cloud, Hadoop, or a hybrid ecosystem?
  • Built-in data quality: If you move inconsistent or incorrect data to a new application, will the data be cleansed? How effective will the new application be?
  • Vendor stability: Invest with a proven vendor you know will be around in the future.
  • Business-IT collaboration: You’ll want a tool that reduces the back-and-forth between business and IT so that businesses get exactly what they need, and quickly.

Why Informatica?

For more than 20 years, Informatica Data Integration has refined fragmented data—small or big, clean or dirty, complete or incomplete—into complete, trustworthy assets. Their approach offers:

  • Development agility: Tools that make it easy for business and IT to prototype, operationalize, and reuse quickly.
  • Enterprise scalability: Deployable with flexibility for departments, enterprises, or Integration Competency Centers.
  • Operational confidence: Provides visibility and insight into your business-critical processes.

Built on the Informatica Platform and their Integration Competency Model, Informatica data integration projects are five times faster and 50 percent more productive than hand-coded initiatives.

Their data integration transforms the value of your data—arguably now your most critical asset—faster, more effectively, in more situations, and for more needs, than any other solution.

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