JupiterOne collects over 200 million messages on US election – Trump leading in online presence

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There are many factors which impact voter’s points of view and one of the most important is the group of influencers which exists in every community. Influencer is the person who has a very strong oppinion and is not afraid to share it or even convince other people to plead for the same thing. Other people are being influenced by them and consolidate their position or sometimes even change ther oppinion. That part of the society is the part which …


Inovation Park Partnership

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Crossing Technologies Ltd. partners with many companies in different industries around the world. We have developed a modern Big Data Analytics called JupiterOne using data architecture on Hadoop unstructured database and machine learning capabale for trend, sentiment and predictive analytics. One of the companies that we associate with is Inovation Park. It is a company driven by the idea of finding great technologies and bright new ideas in one place. They find the ideas: „.. exclusive. Unique. Needed in real life, …


JupiterOne – All about data

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Teaching computer to understand human language has been a challenging task for most researchers. Understanding what’s written, how it’s written, emotions and opinion has always been difficult. But, we’re also learning in this process, mostly how to „communicate“ with computers and make this process more easy for them. In recent year we can see the rise of old ideas whose success is result of advances in technology. Big data technology and deep learning are trendy words nowadays with reason. With …

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Crossing Technologies Ltd. And Partners

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Crossing Technologies Ltd. is a company based in United Kingdom involved in Data Integration, Data Application and Big Data Analytics. Using the knowledge in this industry, we have created a modern Big Data Engine called Jupiter One. This would not have been possible without the assistance of our partners: Aptitude, Hortonworks, Informatica, Teradata and Tableau. We are determined to operate only with the best of the best and we believe we created a quite triumphant team. Aptitude helps us efficiently …