Informatica data management

Data management is concerned with the end-to-end lifecycle of data, from creation to retirement, and the controlled progression of data to and from each stage within its lifecycle. Data management minimizes the risks and costs of regulatory non-compliance, legal complications, and security breaches. It also provides access to accurate data when and where it is needed, without ambiguity or conflict, thereby avoiding miscommunication.  The benefits of data management include enhanced compliance, greater security, improved sales and marketing strategies, better product classification, and improved data governance to reduce organizational risk.

Data governance

Informatica’s solution supports today’s data governance practices with:

  • Collaboration: Their solution ensures your data stewards, business users, and IT team can govern data processes, policies, and standards across your organization—all in one platform. The result? Silos are eliminated.
  • Consistent policy application: Informatica enables data stewards to define data governance policies, rules, and standards once and trust that they will be applied consistently across the enterprise, improving agility and effectiveness.
  • Product innovation:  Leadership and best practices that drive customer success are directly tied to the capabilities and innovations delivered throughout our platform.

The goal of data governance is to ensure data delivers business value. After all, data is merely the means to an end—and that end is improved business performance.

Master Data Management

Informatica Master Data Management is the only MDM solution that is both easy to deploy and flexible enough to solve your unique business challenges.

  • Agility—Their solution can be deployed rapidly and easily, and includes the full assortment of data integrity, data quality, and BPM capabilities required to successfully complete any MDM project.
  • Business user-focused—Informatica deliver value directly to your business users by immediately improving business processes and helping them discover relationships in the data that gives them powerful insights.
  • Focused on customer success—A dedicated group within Informatica’s MDM division, our customer success team was created with the sole purpose of ensuring customer satisfaction. As a result, Informatica has been named number one for customer loyalty nine years in a row by independent research firm TNS.