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Crossing Technologies Ltd. And Partners

Tina Dolic News

Crossing Technologies Ltd. is a company based in United Kingdom involved in Data Integration, Data Application and Big Data Analytics. Using the knowledge in this industry, we have created a modern Big Data Engine called Jupiter One. This would not have been possible without the assistance of our partners: Aptitude, Hortonworks, Informatica, Teradata and Tableau. We are determined to operate only with the best of the best and we believe we created a quite triumphant team.

Aptitude helps us efficiently design and deploy big data-processing software systems. Futhermore, Aptitude provides Crossing Technologies cost allocation services. The Aptitude platform has long been used by enterprise teams to efficiently build business-critical software systems and to drive their businesses forward.
is the leading contributor to Apache Hadoop for the enterprise. Their mission is to establish Hadoop as the foundational technology of the modern enterprise data architecture and that is exactly what they practise for our company.
Informatica’s product is a portfolio focused on Data Integration. Informatica helps you make data ready for use in any way possible, so you can put truly great data at the center of everything you do.
Tableau Software is a Data visualisation software. It produces a family of interactive data visualization products focused on business intelligence. They help people see and understand their data through visualisation tools.
With Teradata’s best-in-class analytics solutions, you can know more about what really matters and do more than you ever thought possible. They provide us with the appliance neccesary for our type of operating.